Tall Tails In A Turkish Bar

Posted by Danny on April 01, 2014
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Mr. Genderbar arrived at the appointed Turkish bar fashionably late. Mr. Fumata, a friend, and famous world travel writer, was already at the bar waiting for his arrival.

On this occasion they agreed to celebrate their annual meeting with a Japanese custom by ordering warm Saki. As they enjoyed their Saki, they each shared tall tales of their travel adventures, while boldly bragging about never being scammed during any their travels.

The bartender, wanting to tarnish their perfect records, offered to arrange for the most pleasurable thai massage Manchester for just two hundred lira each.

Both men agreed. They arrived at the address he gave them only to find an empty public pool, posted with a contamination health warning.

At the end of the story, the Turkish bartender, wishing to teach a lesson, met the pair, returned their lira, and advised them to never order warm Sake in a Turkish bar.

You rang?

Posted by Danny on March 27, 2014
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Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling, RING-A-LING?! As I am sitting in my friends home enjoying a sunny afternoon, and great conversation, I hear the phone ring over and over again in the background. The first time this happens I just assume she doesn’t want to interrupt our talking so lets it go to the answering machine. But just seconds later the phone rings again and she acts like she doesn’t even hear it. Again, I assume she is just being polite so I don’t say anything. But when that ring-a-ling happens for a third time, I ever so gently ask, “Did you need to get that call”? WOW! I did not expect the outburst that came after that from my friend. She let me know loud and clear that she does not need a hearing aid and that I should not be accusing her of not being able to hear. After a few minutes of back and forth, I settled into the idea that she is not aware, or is in denial, of her loss of hearing. In the future I will just keep quiet, and subtly leave her some information about getting hearing aids Altrincham!

Shape Up For Life

Posted by Danny on March 18, 2014
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You get what you pay for. Dieting and exercising is serious business. Celebrities have so much success with their programs because they hire a personal trainer Bristol. A trainer is an expert on fitness, nutrition, and physical training.

When getting in shape, part of the confusion is knowing where to start. A fitness expert knows how to map out your journey from beginning to finish. When first starting out, what people need most is the inspiration that a trainer brings to the table. So many people feel helpless to do anything about their physical condition and a trainer usually has years of experience in getting people from point A to point B. They know how to give someone that wants to change their life the hope that they can do it.

If you’re interested in changing your physical condition, and in turn your mental well-being, contact a fitness expert. They can truly change your life.

An Interesting Change

Posted by Danny on March 15, 2014
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Elsa had been living in her new home for almost five years when she noticed that the gravel paths going around the flowers and trees needed to be up-dated. The old gravel just did not have the appeal that it use to have. Going from bush to bush and from tree to tree Elsa pruned back many of the excess branches and leaves. She replanted flowers into other areas and put new flowers in the spots where the old flowers had been. Looking around she was happy with the new change, but she knew there was something missing. Hiring help she gave the old gravel to some friends to use, and had golden gravel spread throughout the whole area to bring a special shine to the area no matter what the weather, bringing out the color of the bushes and trees.

Custom Accessories for Business Owners

Posted by Danny on February 28, 2014
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Owning a business can be rather intimidating. With the costs of purchase and the basic implementation of start up to the overall daily tasks, it is easy to see how many business owners fail before they even establish themselves. Fortunately, the use of custom accessories and marketing tools can be incredibly beneficial but many owners are unfamiliar with the tools they can easily utilize.


One of the most stressful areas of a business operation has to do with accounting. Without proper and successful accounting, a business may fail. Fortunately, the use of customized invoice pads can be very helpful. Business owners can choose to implement their daily profit and other goals onto the invoice documents to ensure they are operating the correct way.


Marketing is a fun element to owning and operating a successful business, as well. Today, more and more business owners are using the Internet for their needs. From social media and SEO to blogs and email marketing, the possibilities are endless. However, print marketing is still a great way to promote a business and many owners are opting for custom signs, promotional materials, and advertising.

Weekend Handy Man

Posted by Danny on January 25, 2014
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I hate for my husband to become Mr. Fix-it on the weekend. Mainly because he can perform miracles when it comes to fixing the family car but when he works on the house trouble soon follows.

I had company of course when my daughter ran in saying, “Daddy’s making the bathroom stink.” My face turned red as a beet. I managed to wipe the shocked look off my guests face by telling her my husband was doing repairs to our bathrooms Bolton.

We went into the guest bathroom to find my large husband under the sink looking very uncomfortable. The strong smell my daughter had been talking about was the cleaner you use to clean the PCP pipe. You have to use the cleaner so the glue used to hold the pipe together will seal. If you don’t clean the pipe and there is dirt on the pipes they will leak.